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Part 4: The Moon
Elder: While wishing, I heard a voice calling you to come to the moon... Someone awaits you there!
Cecil: Moon?! But how?
Elder: You will know how! Now go!

The group leaves Mysidia and enters the Big Whale, which has settled on the ground nearby, and, with the aid of a crystal controlling the ship, proceed to the moon. There, they disembark, and are greeted by a harsh landscape of rock, rock, and more rock. After some travel, they arrive at the foot of a large, blue crystal castle, the only thing breaking the dreary view. They enter.


An old man shimmers into view on a pedestal in front of them.

Cecil: Who are you?
FuSoYa: I am FuSoYa, the guardian of the Lunarians' slumber.
Rosa: Lunarians?
FuSoYa: Yes. Millenia ago, the planet between Mars and Jupiter was about to be shattered. The people who survived this calamity escaped by ships and headed to the Blue Planet.
Cecil: The Blue Planet?
FuSoYa: Your land earth. However, the people of the earth were still in the process of evolution. Thus they created another Moon and kept sleeping.
Edge: The Lunarians?
FuSoYa: But he refused to. He tried to make the earth his place to live.
Rydia: Who?
FuSoYa: I forced him to sleep. But his thoughts were still awake.
Cecil: Is that who is controlling Golbez?
Edge: Who is that?
FuSoYa: He is Zemus. He needs the crystals as the energy source to reactivate the Tower of Bab-il, and bring down the Giant of Bab-il to annihilate the living on earth. Most of us Lunarians are waiting for you folks on the Blue Planet to be able to undesrstand us.
Cecil: What about the Big Whale?
FuSoYa: My brother KluYa made it to go to the Blue Planet. He taught your folks how to build the airships and the Serpent Road. KluYa fell in love with a girl of your Blue Planet and gave birth to two children. One of them is... you, Cecil.
Cecil: Me?! Then the Light at Mt. Ordeals was...
FuSoYa: It must be the spirit of your father KluYa.
Cecil: My father... is that Light...
FuSoYa: KluYa gave you his power to thwart the foul machinations of Zemus. We must stop him for the sake of our two races! Now we must hurry to the Tower of Bab-il!
Edge: Tower of Bab-il? But it's shielded!
FuSoYa: I can neutralize the shield. I will go with you!

They return to the Big Whale and head quickly to the earth. But they are a moment too late... the ground begins shaking as they arrive.

Cecil: Tower of Bab-il?
FuSoYa: We're too late!
Edge: What?!
FuSoYa: The Giant of Bab-il will appear!

And indeed it does, and almost immediately starts blasting its surroundings.

Rydia: It's terrible!
Edge: Blast it!
Rydia: Can't we do anything anymore?

The Giant is suddenly hit with an explosion.

Cecil: What's that?

The Dwarves' tanks approach, led by King Giott.

Giott: Here we are! We shall fight for Mother Earth!

In another tank are a pair of sylphs, accompanied by none other than Yang.

Yang: I cannot be resting while you're fighting. Count me in!

Airships then approach from the east.

Cid: Watch out! Here I come!

Palom: Hey, long time no see, man!
Porom: Our Elder removed our petrification.
Elder: This war is not yours alone! It involves all the creatures on the earth!

Edward: Cecil! Let me show you the courage you've taught me!

The tanks and airships together hold the Giant at bay.

Cecil: Everyone!
Rosa: The Giant is intimidated!
FuSoYa: Now we must get inside the Giant of Bab-il and destroy its control system!
Edge: I see! So we destroy its core!
Cecil: Please, Cid!

Cid drops his airship down to the Big Whale.

FuSoYa: Go near its mouth!
Cid: Who's this?
Cecil: FuSoYa from the moon.
Cid: Moon?
FuSoYa: Can you or not?
Cid: Who do you think I am? Leave it to me!

Cid brings the airship toward the Giant.

FuSoYa: Now!
Cid: Hold on!

Cid, as good as his word, makes a pass right next to the Giant's mouth, and the party jumps into a mass of machinery. They make their way through the Giant, until...

Rubicant: You're too late!
Valvalis: The Giant won't stop!
Kainazzo: You...
Milon: ... will be laid to rest here!
Cecil: Four Fiends!
Milon: Master Zemus...
Kainazzo: breathed life back into us all...
Valvalis: to defeat you!
Rubicant: Glad to meet and fight you again! You have taught me... to join forces! Now I will restore your strength! [He does so.] Fight with all your might!

A fierce fight ensues, but the party is victorious.

Milon: Master Zemus!
Kainazzo: Once again!
Valvalis: No...!
Rubicant: We lost...!

They then proceed to the Giant's core.

FuSoYa: It's the core of this Giant, the CPU!
Edge: Man! It's huge!
FuSoYa: We must destroy its defensive system first! Otherwise all the damage we do will be repaired!

They destroy the CPU.

Cecil: We did it!
Edge: It stopped!

Then a door opens ahead of them.

You wretch!

Golbez approaches.

Golbez: You ruined my plan! You shall pay for this!
FuSoYa: You!

FuSoYa approaches Golbez.

Golbez: Get away!
FuSoYa: Don't you realize who you are?
Golbez: Stop it!
FuSoYa: Wake up!

FuSoYa casts a spell on Golbez, then collapses.

Golbez: ... Why did I have all that hatred?
FuSoYa: Come to your senses! Do you remeber your father's name?
Golbez: My father? His name is... KluYa...?
Cecil: What?!
Rosa: That means...
Edge: Cecil's... brother?!
Cecil: Golbez... is... my...
FuSoYa: You were controlled by Zemus' telepathy. Your blood made it easier for him to use you.

Edge and Rydia join FuSoYa and Golbez, while Rosa looks concernedly at Cecil.

Edge: Man!
Cecil: I have been fighting my own brother...Golbez: You are my brother?
Cecil: But... it could have been me... who was controlled by Zemus' telepathy.
Golbez: But it was me... It means my soul was stained with evil for Zemus to use...

Golbez starts to leave.

Cecil: Where are you going?
Golbez: I'll settle all this myself!
FuSoYa: Wait!

Golbez turns back around as FuSoYa gets back up.

FuSoYa: Zemus is a Lunarian! He belongs to my race! I'll come with you!
Golbez: Goodbye, Cecil...

FuSoYa and Golbez leave.

Edge: Are you gonna just let him leave like that?
Rosa: He may lose his life!
Rydia: Isn't he your big brother?
Cecil: Brother...
Rydia: Right!

Suddenly, the floor begins shaking.

Edge: It's collapsing!
Rydia: We must get out!
Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil remains silent, and Edge and Rydia join him and Rosa.

Edge: What's the matter?
Rydia: But where is the way out?

This way!

Kain enters from ahead of them.

Rosa: Kain!
Edge: You can't trick us anymore!

Kain approaches them.

Kain: Talk later! We must hurry!

A severe shock emphasizes his words.

Rosa: Hurry up!

Back on the Big Whale...

Kain: At last I was able to regain consciousness. And I am ready to pay the consequences.
Edge: Yeah! Who do you think reactivated the Giant of Bab-il?

Rosa dashes between Edge and Kain, as Kain lowers his head in shame.

Rosa: [to Edge] No!
Kain: Rosa...
Rosa: Golbez was also under control! It's not Kain's fault!
Kain: Golbez... too?
Rosa: Golbez was Cecil's brother... A Lunarian called Zemus controlled Golbez from the Moon.
Rydia: So Golbez went to the Moon with FuSoYa to defeat Zemus.
Kain: Golbez... Cecil's brother... [Long pause.] Then I must pay back my debts to Zeromus!
Edge: Hope he doesn't get hypnotized again.

Kain walks over to Edge.

Kain: If that happens again, go ahead and get rid of me.
Edge: Then I'm coming! I feel like defeating Zemus with my blade!
Kain: Edge...
Cecil: Let's go. I will go... to the Moon!
Rosa: Cecil...
Cecil: Rosa and Rydia, you get off here. The rest of us will go to the Moon. It's too risky. There's no guarantee of safe return this time.
Rosa: Cecil!
Rydia: What?!
Cecil: Come on. Get off the Big Whale.

Rosa steps back, stunned at his words, then walks resolutely toward the exit and off the Whale.

Edge: Now, Rydia. You be a good girl and stay home.
Rydia: Think it's sweet of you to say that, hotshot?

Rydia turns her back on Edge and leaves as well.

Edge: So long, Rydia.
Kain: Cecil...
Cecil: Let's go, Kain, Edge!

They take off and go to the Moon.

Cecil: Ready?

Kain and Edge nod, and all three head for the exit. But just as they reach it, none other than Rosa comes up into the control room.

Kain: Rosa!
Cecil: Get out of my way...
Rosa: No! I won't unless you take me with you.
Cecil: Don't be silly.
Rosa: I don't care how dangerous it will be! I don't care as long as I can be with you!
Cecil: Rosa...
Kain: Take her, Cecil.
Edge: Come on, man!
Cecil: Okay, Rosa... Whatever happens... I'll protect you!

Rosa and Cecil embrace. Then comes another familiar voice...

We did it!

Rydia pops up into the control room.

Edge: Rydia!
Rydia: Didn't I say we're all fighting for a common cause? Besides, I'm the only Caller you have!
Cecil: Rydia... you're right. Let's fight... for our common cause!

* - * - *

The four return to the crystal palace, and, aided by the lunar crystals, head toward the core of the moon. When they finally reach it, they find...

Cecil: Golbez! FuSoYa!

Golbez and FuSoYa fight Zemus.

FuSoYa: Do the Meteo now!
Golbez: I'm ready!
Zemus: Silly!

Together, Golbez and FuSoYa cast White Meteo, defeating Zemus.

Zemus: This is just the beginning...

Zemus collapses.

Golbez: We defeated him.
FuSoYa: It's a pity. He was consumed with evil and could not use his powers for good.
Edge: Right on!

Golbez and FuSoYa turn around, surprised, as the party approaches.

FuSoYa: Oh, you're here!
Edge: Man, I was to get Zemus!
Golbez: Cecil...

Cecil turns away from Golbez, at a loss for words.

Rosa: Cecil...

All six turn to look at Cecil. Unbeknownst to them, Zemus transforms behind them. Then the light dims...

I am the Absolute Dark Substance... product of Zemus' hatred... My name is Zeromus... I am... the hatred...!

In a shock, everyone is thrown backward.

FuSoYa: Death only increased Zemus' hatred!
Golbez: Zemus... or should I say Zeromus! I'll cast you back to where you belong!
FuSoYa: ... Begone!

Golbez and FuSoYa attack Zeromus. But their Meteo spells have no effect.

FuSoYa: ... It's no use! Use the Crystal!
Zeromus: You, the man of Darkness, using it does not mean anything to me, you fools!

Zeromus casts Meteo, defeating them.

Zeromus: Suffer... and... perish... My hatred will last until I destroy all... Now it's your turn... Come into my darkness!

Meanwhile, back at the Tower of Wishes in Mysidia...

Porom: Master!
Palom: They are in danger!
Elder: [to all] Ahem! Now is the time to wish for the earth! [to P&P]
Palom! Porom! We shall send people's wishes to Cecil!
Yang: Cecil...!
Edward: Show us what true courage is!
Cid: We're all waiting for you!
Engineers: Come back alive!
Giott: For mother Earth!
Luca: Stand up!
Clerics: You're our last hope!
Palom: Wake up, dude!
Porom: Cecil... and everyone!
Elder: Moon! Andwer our wish!

Back in the lunar core...


Cecil stumbles over to Golbez' prone form.

Golbez: Cecil... Use... this...!

Golbez gives Cecil his crystal. Cecil turns to face Zeromus.

Cecil: Zeromus! For all those living on the earth... I will destroy you!

One by one, images of their past allies appear in front of the party, as the Moon restores their strength.

Palom: Cecil!
Porom: Here's our power!
Edward: Do your best!
Tellah: Don't give it up!
Yang: Concentrate!
Cid: Hold on to it!
FuSoYa: Bless him, Moon!
Golbez: My dear brother! Let your sacred power be with the Crystal!
Zeromus! It's the end!

The party battles fiercely with Zeromus, but defeat him in the end.

Zeromus: I... will... not... perish... as... long... as... there... is... evil... in... the... hearts... of... people...

Zeromus dies.

FuSoYa: Well done! [Looks around at the party.] I didn't know you people had such power. Your people might have been further along than us Lunarians.
Edge: No doubt!
Kain: But Zeromus' last words...
Rosa: As long as there is evil in the hears of people...
FuSoYa: Evil in our minds will never disappear. We all have both evil and good in our mind, just as there are the crystals of Light and Darkness, the ground and underground. But as long as the evil exists, so does good. Just as you held good in your heart to fight evil.
Edge: You're right, man!
Rydia looks skeptically at Edge.
Rydia: It's hard to believe Zemus didn't use you instead!
Edge: Ha! Don't worry! Goodness is my middle name!
FuSoYa: I must now return to me sleep. You?
Cecil: We'll go back to our plane.
Rosa: There are people waiting for us!
FuSoYa: I see. You have great comrades. I am looking forward to seeing you again.
Golbea approaches FuSoYa.
Golbez: May I go with you?
FuSoYa: You?
Golbez: I cannot go back to the earth considering what I have done. Besides, I would like to see my father's people.
FuSoYa: If you wish. But it weiill be a very long sleep.
Golbez: I understand.

Golbez: Thanks, Cecil, for calling me brother.
Cecil: ...
Golbez: I know you can't forgive or forget what I've done. I caused you so much pain.
FuSoYa: We must go now. Live in peace.
FuSoYa: Now let us go. [to Golbez]
Golbez: Yes.
Golbez and FuSoYa start toward the sleeping chambers.
Rosa: Cecil...
Kain: It's your last chance, Cecil!
Rydia: Say it!
Golbez: Goodbye. [after turning to Cecil]
Edge: Cecil!
Cecil slowly approaches Golbez.
Cecil: ... Goodbye... Brother!
Golbez: So long.
Golbez: Cecil...! [after turning to him]

One to be born
from a dragon
hoisting the light
and the dark
arises high up
in the sky to
the still land...
Veiling the moon with
the light of eternity,
it brings
another promise
to mother earth with
a bounty and mercy.
The moon has just
started to seek for
its own light...

The Big Whale returns to its home under the sea...

In Mysidia...

Elder: Let's start today's lesson.
Porom: Yes, master.
Elder: Where's Palom?
Porom: Not again! I will fetch him!

Palom is talking with a young Mysidian woman.

Palom: You know, it was then I cast Ice to open Mt. Ordeals...

Porom comes up from behind and hits him on the head.

Palom: Ouch!
Porom: Enough of your boasting! The Elder is waiting for you!

They return to the Elder.

Elder: How many times do I have to tell yoiu nout to skip lessons? Here's your homework!
Palom: Please, no!
Porom: Ha-ha-hah! Serves you right!

In Eblan...

Chamberlain: To begin with, Your Highness lacks self-awareness of being the successor to the throne!
Edge: Don't worry!
Chamberlain: I will not, if you stop dating girls all the time!
Edge: Alright!
Chamberlain: Please do what you say for once!

Edge heads out of the throne room.

Edge: But I can find no girl more beautiful in this world than you,
Chamberlain: Your Highness!

In the Land of Summoned Monsters...

Asura: I had not expected her to come back here.
Leviathan: Amazing girl!

Then, a voice from the stairs...


A baby monster approaches Rydia.

Baby monster: Why don't you have any fangs like us, Rydia? Are we different?
Rydia: Come on! There's nothing difeferent between us!
Asura: It sure will be fun around here.
Leviathan: Yes, and she's beautiful.
Rydia: The heart's what is importnat. Right, Cecil?

In Fabul...

Yang's wife: Honey!
Yang: Stop calling me that! You are a Queen now!
Yang's wife: But I don't like such formalities!
Yang: Oops! It's time for training!

Yang leaves the throne and joins the karate students.

Yang: Let's go! [On their way out...] ACHOOO!
Yang's wife: So do you!
Former King: I'm sure that Yang will rebuild a fabulous Fabul!

In Damcyan, Prince Edward is supervising the rebuilding of Damcyan Castle.

Prince Edward!

Several children run up to Edward.

Kids: Let us listen to te minstrelsy of Paladin!
Edward: Sure! But let us finish today's work before that. Don't you want to help rebuild out castle?
Kids: Yes! Promise!
Edward: Anna... Watch me from up there, Anna. I have the people of Damcyan with me! I hope Tellah will keep you company...

In the Underground...

Giott: Work hard! Rebuild our castle as soon as possible!
King! We haven't got enough materials for that!
Giott: Scrap the tanks! There won't be another war!
Luca: Father! I wonder what Cecil and others are doing.
Giott: I received good news! Cecil will ascend the Baronian throne with Rosa as the queen!
Luca: Really?!
Giott: And we are invited to their ceremony!
Luca: How nice! You're loafing on the job, Your Majesty!
Giott: Ahem! Scrap the tanks!

Kain stands alone at the edge of a mountain's cliff.

Kain: Cecil... Rosa... Forgive my absence. I must strengthen myself to be a true Dragoon before going back. Until then...

In Professor Kory's observatory...

Kory: What?
The Moon!

The second moon of the Blue Planet suddenly leaves orbit and heads off into space.

And in Castle Baron, in Cecil's room...

Cecil: ...!
Rosa: Cecil?
Cecil: Nothing I thought I heard my brothers's voice.
Rosa: Really?
Cecil: Never mind.

Cid enters.

Cid: Hey! What are you doing?! They're all waiting for you!
Rosa: Sorry.
Cid: You have plenty of time later to spend together, Rosa! Or should I say Queen!
Rosa: Rosa is fine.
Cid: Okay, Rosa! The bride needs make-up! The maids are waiting! Hurry up!
Rosa: Okay!

Cid leaves; Rosa turns to Cecil.

Rosa: It's been a while since we last saw them! They must be coming! Hurry, Cecil!

Rosa heads down the stairs.

Cecil: I did hear him... He said... Goodbye...

At the wedding ceremony, the guests - all the main characters - enter one by one to pay homage to the new King and Queen of Baron.








































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