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Part 3: The Underworld
Fortunately, the Enterprise had crash-landed near a castle, so thegroup headed there first. As they discovered, the castle's inhabitants were dwarves, and rather than "hello", their greeting was "lali-ho". The five went to the throne room to meet the King of the castle.

King: Glad you're fine!
Cecil: May I ask who you are, sir?
King: I am the King of Dwarves, Giott, and the ruler of the Underground.
Cecil: Have you still got the Dark Crystals?
Giott: You came for the crystals. I'm afraid two out of four have been taken.
Yang: We're late.
Giott: But the crystal in this castle is still safe. Our tanks turned them away.
Rosa: We saw your tanks fighting against the airships.
Giott: Ah, you call those flying things airships? You have strange things in the world above. Would you support us with your airship?
Cid: I wish we could. But it was greatly damaged during the fighting and landing.
Giott: Do you need anything to do the repairs?
Cid: The airship won't last in the heat of lava. I must go back to the upper world and wrap the body with mystic silver. [To the group] See you later!

As Cid turns and heads for the door, Cecil calls after him.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid turns back toward Cecil.

Cid: Don't worry! I'll come back soon!
Rosa: Take care...
Cid: Thanks, Rosa!

Cid leaves, and the others turn back to King Giott.

Cecil: King Giott, where's the crystal?
Giott: It's hidden behind my throne! As long as I am well, so is the crystal!

Suddenly Yang steps forward, startled.

Cecil: Yang?
Yang: I feel someone eavesdropping on us!
Giott: [startled as well] What?

Everyone looks around for the supposed eavesdropper, but they see no one. Behind the throne room, a figure slips away, unnoticed.

Cecil: No one is here.
Yang: I felt someone sneaking around!

The King quickly reaches a decision...

Giott: Open the door!
Dwarf: Lali!

The dwarf opens the door, and Cecil and company quickly enter the throne room. Once they are inside, however, the door suddenly closes behind them. They whip around on hearing the sound; Kain, in the rear, tries to open the door.

Kain: It's locked!

Then, a voice from behind them, near the crystal...


They turn back toward the center of the room, searching for the owner of the voice.

Rosa: Oh! The dolls!

Indeed, the six dolls seem to have come alive, forming a line from Cecil to the crystal's dais.

We're the Calbrena!
You fools!
You've doomed yourselves!
We're gonna getcha!
We'll take this good news as a present to Master Golbez!

The dolls attack, but are defeated.

You'll pay for this!
Our Master Golbez already knows this place!

Cecil: [startled] What?
Well, Cecil...

Golbez appears on the stairs to the crystal's dais, and approaches Cecil.

Cecil: Golbez!
Golbez: You got me the other day, but now the old mage is gone. [pause] I'll tell you why I'm gathering the crystals. All the crystals, both Light and Darkness, are the keys to reactivate the Tower of Bab-il that leads to the moon. It is said the moon possesses power beyond human comprehension. And there is only one more crystal to get. You've been very helpful. [evil chuckle] Receive your last reward!

Cecil and the others struggle against Golbez, but without Tellah's Meteo, they have no chance against him.

Golbez: [laughs] Is that it? [paralyzes the party with Hold Gas] Wait till you see the real terror! Meal time, Shadow!

A Shadow Dragon appears, and kills the party members one by one, leaving Cecil for last.

Golbez: And you, Cecil!

Suddenly, a Mist Dragon appears; its mist attack destroys the Shadow Dragon.

Golbez: That mist blew my Shadow Dragon away...!?

Cecil then hears a vaguely familiar voice.

You can move now!
Cecil: Who is it...?

"It" is Rydia, and with the help of her Calling, they manage to defeat Golbez.

Golbez: Why...?

Golbez falls to the floor.

Cecil: We did it! We've defeated Golbez!
Rosa: All because of your help, Rydia!
Cecil: What happened to you, Rydia?
Rydia: Leviatan swallowed me and took me to the Land of the Summoned Monsters.
Cecil: Took you where?
Rydia: It's the world where all the summoned monsters live. I can't use white magic anymore, but I increased my powers as Caller and user of black magic. The time flows differently there.
Rosa: Is that why you look all grown up?
Kain: Who is she?
Cecil: She's the girl we found in Mist.
Kain: The child?!
Yang: Amazing!
Cecil: But why? Your mother...
Rydia: Stop that. The Queen there told me - a greater power of evil is at work. We must confront it together!

Then, a voice from behind...

I do not... perish!

The five turn toward the voice in surprise. Golbez's form disappears, to be replaced by a floating hand. The group merely watches, too surprised to act, as the hand takes the crystal and vanishes.

Cecil: I'm sorry... Golbez took the crystal...
Giott: We must protect the last crystal then!
Rosa: Where is it?
Giott: In the Sealed Cave to the northwest. But don't worry. The cave can't be entered without the key.
Cecil: What should we do? Golbez is on his way!
Giott: So now is the chance for us to regain the other crystals in the Tower of Bab-il!
Kain: What?
Yang: While Golbez is busy trying to get the last crystal, we can take the others!
Giott: We'll draw their attention with out tanks and you can sneak in. Now is the only chance!

The five engage in a conference among themselves.

Kain: What do we do?
Rydia: Isn't it their fortress?
Rosa: It's dangerous.
Yang: But we must do something now.
Kain: Now is the only chance we have.
Cecil: Okay... [turns back to Giott] We'll do it!
Giott: Good! There is a path through the exit in the bottom of this castle! Go whenever you're ready. Good luck!

* - * - *

The five make their way over the unfamiliar landscape to the Tower of Babil. They enter, and proceed up several floors. On the eighth, they find a man working at some sort of machine, and... Rubicant.

Dr. Lugae: Master Rubicant, please be careful.
Rubicant: Eblan has fallen, so the threat is gone. Take care of this place until I return.

The man flips a couple of switches on the machine, and Rubicant seems to "fade out" until he is gone. Then the man laughs.

Dr. Lugae: Golbez and Rubicant are both gone! Now I'm the leader here!
Rydia: Weird guy...
Rosa: [turns to face Rydia; firmly] Hush!

But the man hears them; startled, he turns around and starts toward them.

Dr. Lugae: Who's there?
Cecil: Ooops!
Dr. Lugae: Cecil!
Kain: Won't you call for help, Doctor?
Dr. Lugae: Don't take me lightly, or you'll get burned!
Kain: Makes me laugh!

Dr. Lugae approaches angrily.

Dr. Lugae: Now face my beloved child, Balnab!

Dr. Lugae and his robot creation, Balnab, attack.

Dr. Lugae: Go, Balnab!
Balnab: GRRRR!

Balnab attacks the doctor.

Dr. Lugae: ...OUCH! Not me! Them! Over there!
Balnab: GRRRR!
Dr. Lugae: Beat them up!

The party first disable the doctor, then attack Balnab. However, Balnab shortly needs oil, and without the doctor to give it to him, he explodes. Then Dr. Lugae gets up, even angrier than before.

Dr. Lugae: I'll show you my real power!

He proceeds to morph into another creature, but is again defeated. With his last breaths, he chuckles evilly.

Dr. Lugae: This Tower of Bab-il connects the ground and the underground. Rubicant has already moved all the crystals to the upper world! And I shall annihilate the dwarves with my Super Cannon!

With another chuckle, he dies.

Rydia: The dwarves are in danger!
Yang: We must stop the Super Cannon!
Kain: We must destroy it!

The five race down toward the locked room they had found on the fifth floor earlier. Cecil quickly unlocks the door with the key he had obtained from the dead Lugae. Just as they enter, the Cannon's operators start it up.

Good-bye, dwarves!
Cecil: Your fun is over!
You! How did you get here? Get them!

The creatures attack, but are easily dispatched.

How about this!

They stumble back to the Cannon's controls. and press some buttons.

No one can stop the Super Cannon anymore!

Then they collapse, dead.

Cecil: Oh...
Kain: What...!

Yang steps toward the controls.

Cecil: Yang!
Rosa: What are you doing?

Yang turns around as the others approach him.

Yang: I'll take care of this! Go on, escape!
Rydi: No! Don't!
Cecil: It'll explode!
Yang: GO!

Yang forces them out of the room. They try to re-enter, but Yang has locked the door from the inside.

Cecil: Yang!
Yang: Tell my wife... to live for me!
Kain: Open up, Yang!
Rydia: Yang!
Rosa: Please! Please don't do this!
Yang: It was a good trip with you all!
Cecil: Yang! Open the door!

Then Yang screams in pain as the machine explodes.

Cecil: Yang!

But there is no answer. The remaining four slowly head back down the floors of the Tower. They reach the bottom floor, and are about to leave, when...

You have greatly amused me...
Cecil: Golbez!
Golbez: This is all for play, children. Farewell!

Suddenly, the long stairway out of the tower begins to burn away from the tower side. They race down it, but suddenly the entire stairway disappears, and they fall to their doom...

Well, not quite. Cid shows up in the Enterprise at the last second to rescue them.

Rosa: Cid!
Cid: Where's Yang!
Rosa: He...
Cecil: To destroy the Super Cannon...
Cid: I see...
Rydia: Poor Yang...
Cid: Who's this girl?
Cecil: Rydia, the Caller of Mist.

Then they hear a noise behind them.

Cid: Damn! They're coming!

Indeed, one of the Red Wings begins chasing them.

Kain: Can't we shake them off?!
Cid: Looks like they've modified the Red Wings!

Try as they might, they are unable to lose their pursuit.

Rydia: He's catching up!
Cid: Give it your best, Enterprise!

Their pursuers continue after them.

Cid: The engine can't last much longer! Cecil! Take the controls!

Cid heads toward the side of the ship.

Rosa: Cid!
Cecil: What are you doing?!
Cid: Get out of the underground! I'll close the hole with this bomb!
Rosa: Oh, Cid...
Cid: I wanted to see your children... Rosa... Cecil... But I guess I'll stay here for a while. Go to Baron and get my workers to help you!
Cecil: Cid!
Rydia: Come on!
Cid: Be good, Rydia! [to all] Hurry to Baron!

Cid jumps over the rail.

Cid: Golbez! I'll show you the great fireworks of Cid, the Master Engineer!

The bomb explodes, causing an immense rockslide which effectively seals the hole between aboveground and underground.

Rosa: Cid!
Rydia: Why!?
Kain: It's too dangerous!

They stand in silence for a moment.

Cecil: Let's head to Baron!

* - * - *

Back in Baron, the group finds Cid's engineers.

Cecil! Boss ordered us to attack this hook to the Enterprise! No, it won't take long!

The engineers set to work, and somewhat later...

Now you can hook and carry the Hovercraft! Now you can go to the Cave of Eblan by the Tower of Bab-il!


Cecil: Cid is... Oh, I can tell you are having trouble handling him. But I won't blame you! Well, good luck!

The engineers leave, ignorant of Cid's fate.

* - * - *

The Castle Eblan is deserted, as Cecil and company discover. They head into the nearby cave in the mountains surrounding the Tower of Bab-il. To their mild surprise, they find the people of Eblan now living in the caves; they learn that the Prince of Eblan is attempting to rescue his parents, who were kidnapped. The group continues through the cave, until they come upon a young man fighting none other than Rubicant, the Fiend of Fire.

Man: Hey! Rubicant! I've been waiting for this day!
Rubicant: Have I met you before?
Man: I am Eblan's Prince Edge!
Rubicant: Eblan? What's that?
Edge: Don't play the fool with me!

Edge uses the Ninja magic Flame on Rubicant.

Rubicant: Was it Flame? I will show you how!

Rubicant uses his Glare attack on Edge, knocking him to the ground.

Edge: Blast... you!
Rubicant: Indeed you're strong... but still no match for me. Challenge me after you've become strong enough!

Rubicant teleports out of the cave.

Edge: W...wait!

Cecil and company approach the injured Prince.

Cecil: You okay?
Edge: How could I lose?
Rydia: We're also after Rubicant for his crystal.
Edge: Why don't you stay out of this?
Kain: He is one of the Fiends of Elements!
Cecil: Haven't you tasted enough of his power!?
Edge: Think I'm just a spoiled priunce, huh? The Royal Family of Eblan is trained as Ninja! I can take care of this myself, okay?
Rydia: Stop it! No more! I've had enough!

Cecil, Kain, and Rosa turn to Rydia in surprise.

Rydia: Tellah... Yang... and even Cid! We lost them all... all!
Edge: Hey, come on!
Rosa: Rydia...
Rydia: ...sob ...sob

Cecil and Kain turn back to Edge.

Cecil: Rubicant is the strongest of the Four Fiends. But we still have to recover the crystals!
Edge: Can't keep this pretty girl crying. Why don't we work together on this?
Kain: Considering the fact that he's wounded, he sure bluffs! Well, Rosa?

Rosa casts Cure 2 on Edge.

Edge: Thanks, girl! You're cute too! [gets up, standing straight and tall as if he hadn't just been smashed by Rubicant; which is probably a pretty good approximation following the Cure 2 spell] Right, men! Let's go!
Rydia: Give me a break.

The now-fivesome proceeds forward toward the Tower of Bab-il. Unfortunately, the tunnel leads along the side of the Tower, rather than directly into it.

Cecil: How are we gonna get in?
Edge: Watch!

Edge steps backward.

Edge: Here we go!

He then dashes forward, barrelling right through the wall.
The group proceeds downward several floors.

King of Eblan: Edge...
Edge: Dad! Mom!

Edge rushes forward to rejoin his parents.

Queen of Eblan: I'm glad you are fine...
Edge: So am I!
Queen: Edge... come...
King: Come with us...
Edge: Where?
Queen: To the Dark World!

The King and Queen of Eblan proceed to attack the party.

Edge: Dad? Mom? What's wrong with you? ... It's me, Edge!


King: Edge... listen... We're no longer human. We must not live long.
Queen: I'm sorry, dear...
Edge: ...
King: Before we lose our minds... we must go... Take care, Edge...
Edge: NO! Please!

The King disintegrates.

Queen: Goodbye, Edge...
Edge: Nooooo! Don't go!

The Queen disintegrates.

Edge: Graaaagh!
Rosa: No...

Rubicant then teleports in.

Rubicant: Wretched Lugae! How dare he...!

Edge advances toward Rubicant.

Edge: Rubicant! I'm not gonna forgive you! Never!
Rubicant: Lugae turned your parents into monsters on his own. I apologize for that. I'm not like the others, you see. I want to play fair.
Edge: Shut up!
Rubicant: How brave! But you'll never gain real strength as long as you are swayed by emotions.
Edge: I'll show you the power... of anger!
Rubicant: I see. But my Cloak of Flame cannot be penetrated even by cold!


Rubicant: Now I restore you to full strength! Fight with all your might!

They fight and defeat Rubicant.

Rubicant: Well... now I see why Golbez had a hard time with you. Weak people can join forces... I admire you, warriors! Farewell...

Rubicant disappears.

Edge: Dad... Mom... I avenged you...!

Then, from behind them...

Your Highness!

Edge: Chamberlain!
Chamberlain: We won't let Your Highness go alone! ... Where is Rubicant?
Edge: It's over! We did it!
Chamberlain: That becomes the Prince!
Edge: All because of these guys!
Chamberlain: Thank you, good sirs!
Edge: [to the others] Who's Golbez?
Kain: The one gathering the crystals to reach the moon. He is the mastermind of Rubicant.
Edge: Why the moon?
Cecil: For the power.
Rydia: And we have to stop him!
Edge: Golbez! So he was behind all this! I'm gonna go get him!
Chamberlain: Oh! But Your Highness! We must rebuild our castle!
Edge: [turning to Chamberlain] The world is in danger. I gotta do something! Besides, I don't like that guy.
Chamberlain: Oh... but... Your Highness...
Edge: Don't worry! Now go back to Eblan!
Chamberlain: [hesitates] Very well. Sirs, please take care of our Prince!
All: Your Highness, good fortune be with you!
Edge: Okey dokey!

The Eblanites leave.

Edge: Right! Let's go smash Golbez!
Rydia: To get back the crystals!
Edge: Alright! Now let's go!

The five head to the room ahead of them, containing a number of crystals.

Cecil: A pitfall?!

They fall through the trap.

Edge: Ouch!
Kain: Seems like we've fallen to the underground.

They proceed along, until...

Cecil: What?! [they walk forward] New airship?
Edge: Let's take this airship and get out of the tower!
Rydia: It's not yours!
Edge: That's okay! It would be happy to be used by us!

They step onto the airship's deck.

Rosa: Isn't this a trap or something...?
Edge: Don't worry! I like this airship. Let's call it Falcon! How do you like that?
Cecil: Hurry, Edge!
Edge: Okay! Okay! Now... go, Falcon!

* - * - *

The five return to the Dwarf Castle and head to King Giott's room. As they enter...

Giott: We've been worried!

They approach the King.

Giott: How did it go?
Cecil: I am afraid...

Cecil tells Giott of their adventures.

Giott: I see... Golbez is trying to force open the Sealed Cave! It's just a matter of time before he succeeds. So I want you to get the crystal before him. Luca!

Giott's daughter Luca turns to face her father.

Luca: What is it, father?
Giott: Give me your necklace!
Luca: This one?
Giott: [takes necklace and removes key] This is the key to open the Sealed Cave. No one can enter the cave without it! We must defend the last crystal at all cost!
Cecil: [steps forward to accept key] We'll do our best! [receives key from Giott]

The group prepares to head to the Sealed Cave - but their stolen airship cannot travel over the lava. To their surprise, however, they learn that Cid is still alive and resting in the infirmary. They hurry there.

Cid: Food? How can these people eat such tasteless...
Cecil: Cid!
Rosa: You're okay!
Kain: Good grief...
Cid: [laughs]
Edge: Who's this chap?
Cid: [to Edge] Chap? You impertinent brat!
Edge: Who do you think you're talking to?!
Cid: Who is this nuisance?
Edge: I'm Edge, the renowned Prince of Eblan!
Kain: He is a prince, though his mouth betrays his nature.
Edge: And a handsome, skilled Ninja as well!
Rydia: [angrily, to Edge] He's injured! Don't anger him!
Cid: Henpecked, boy?
Edge: Oh, shut up!
Cid: [short pause, then to Cecil] By the way... what of Golbez?
Cecil: We've defeated all of his Four Fiends. But all of the crystals, except for the last one, are now in his hands.
Rosa: We want to go get the last crystal, but the Enterprise is above on the upper world.
Kain: We snatched an airship from the enemy. But it cannot fly over the magma.
Cid: Haha! Now it's my turn! Can't do anything without me... [starts energetically toward the door of the infirmary]
Dwarf: You must stay in bed, lali!
Dwarf: Wait until you heal, lali!
Cid: Oh, shut up and help me remodel the airship! We have no time to waste!

Cid and the dwarves leave the infirmary.

Rosa: He looks fine!
Cecil: Yeah!

Cid and the dwarves then proceed to the airship and work on it, Cid bringing an unwilling Edge on board to help at one point. When the work is finally done, they all proceed back to the infirmary, where the dwarves politely but firmly set him back in his bed.

Cid: Now you can fly over the magma!
Rosa: Thank you.

Cid's eyes then close almost immediately, and he falls unconscious.

Kain: [startled] Cid!

But he is only sleeping, to the group's relief.

Rydia: He must be very tired.
Rosa: He has overworked himself...
Cecil: Thanks... Cid!

* - * - *

They proceed to the Sealed Cave. The door has this inscription on it:

Hold the Key to unbind the Seal... then the way to the Dark Crystal will be opened.

They unseal the door, and proceed through the Sealed Cave, until they find the Crystal. But as they try to leave, they trip a trap - a wall which closes in on them, threatening to crush them. They defeat it, though, and proceed back toward the surface. As they are about to
leave the cave...

Cecil: What?

Kain... Return to me, Kain... Come back to me with the crystal...

Cecil: Golbez!

Cecil and the others turn to face Kain, worried.

Cecil: Kain!
Rosa: Get a hold of yourself!
Kain: I'm... alright. I'm no longer under his control!

But despite his words, he hits Cecil and takes the crystal from him. Then, as Kain leaves...

Edge: You wretch!
Rosa: Kain! What are you doing?!
Golbez: I've been waiting for this moment. Now the Tower of Bab-il can be reactivated! The way to the moon will open! Come, Kain!
Cecil: Come on, Kain! Wake up!
Kain: [to Cecil] All the crystals are gathered now. The way to the moon will open!
Edge: Wait!

Kain leaves.

Cecil: Kain...
Edge: Oh my...!

* - * - *

Before returning to the Giott's castle, the group proceeds, on Rydia's
recommendation, to a cave which leads to the Land of Summoned Monsters. Upon reaching the Land, they find monsters of all varieties - but peaceful, and able to speak. The Land has a library; in it, they read snatches of lore forgotten to humans. In the very basement of the library, they find the King and Queen of Summoned Monsters, Leviathan and Asura.

Rydia: Queen Asura!
Asura: Glad to see you again, Rydia...
Rydia: Please help us!
Asura: I am willing to... but first I must test your worthiness.

They battle for a while.

Asura: Rydia... You have fine and brave friends. Call me whenever you need my help.

Then they talk to the King.

Leviathan: You are the first ones to defeat Asura. But strength alone is not enough to counter evil. You must have an even stronger will to guide your powers toward good. Will you contest me so that I may ascertain the strength of your will?

They battle for a while.

Leviathan: You definitely have the Power of Light! I, the Master of summoned monsters, will be your help from now on!

* - * - *

They return to Giott's castle to deliver the bad news.

Giott: Welcome back! Now let me see...
Cecil: I'm afraid we lost the crystal...
Giott: What?! They've gathered all the crystals!? Now we're finished... Unless the Legend of the Big Whale comes true...
Cecil: Big Whale?
Giott: A huge ship spoken of in the legent. It says, "One to be born from--"
Cecil: The Mysidian legend!
Giott: You know Mysidia?!
Cecil: It is the home of the wizards on the upper world!
Giott: Then Mysidia does exist!
Cecil: The Elder of Mysidia is now wishing in the tower.
Giott: I wonder if he is intending to... call the Big Whale?! It must be! Cecil, you must hurry to the upper world!
Rosa: But the way to the upper world is closed!
Edge: We can't get close to the Tower of Bab-il.

Then, from behind...

Let me take care of it!

... Cid walks in.

Cecil: Cid!
Cid: We've got to attach a drill to the head of the Falcon so you can dig your way out!
Rosa: But you're hurt!
Cid: It doesn't hatter!
Edge: Can you do it?
Cid: Who do you think you're talking to? I'm Cid, the Master Engineer of the airships! [Pause.] Right! Now let's remodel it!

Cid, Edge, and some dwarves immediately set to work on the airship. Edge gets distracted by Rydia as the others work, and Cid has to practically drag him back to work; they get into a fierce argument, but Edge eventually submits and goes back to work. Then, as they finish the work, Cid suddenly collapses on the deck of the airship.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid is taken back to the infirmary.

Cecil: Cid...
Rosa: Take care of yourself...
Cid: I may have already served my term... Seems like I can't be of much use anymore...
Edge: I take my hat off to you!
Rydia: Get well soon...
Cid: [to Edge] Look after Cecil and Rosa...
Edge: Don't worry and just rest here!
Cid: [to Cecil and Rosa] Take care...
Rosa: You too.
Cid: Now go... you have no time to waste on this old man!
Cecil: Thanks... Cid!

The group proceeds outside and onto the Falcon. Using the new drill, they break through the rockslide created earlier by Cid and emerge into the upper world. Then they go straight to Mysidia, and find the Elder waiting for them as they enter.

Elder: We have been waiting for you! Come to the Tower of Wishes!

He leads them to the Tower of Wishes, where they are joined by a number of other wizards.

One to be born
from a dragon
hoisting the light
and the dark
arises high up
in the sky to
the still land.
Veiling the moon with
the light of eternity,
it brings
another promise
to mother earth with
a bounty and mercy.

Elder: Wish, everyone! The legend shall come alive now!

Moments later, a bright light shines in the sky, and a gigantic whirlpool forms in the sea near Mysidia.

Elder: Look, everyone! Our wish... was granted!

A large, whale-shaped object, shining brightly with reflected light, arises from the ocean.

Elder: That is the Ship of Light from the moon... The Big Whale!

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