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Part 2: The Fiends
Porom: You all right?
Palom: Right on!
Porom: Hush!
Cecil: What is this I'm feeling? It's so familiar. That voice...
Tellah: Oh, my!
Porom: Master Tellah?

Cecil, Porom, and Palom look at Tellah in surprise.

Tellah: Yes! I remember the spells!

Then Tellah gasps in surprise.

Tellah: Me... Meteo? That Light has bestowed upon me the greatest black magic!

Porom: [after a pause] Grand Master that he is...
Palom: Hey, Porom...

Porom and Palom move away from Cecil and speak quietly to each other for a moment. Then they go back to Cecil.

Porom: Cecil...
Palom: To tell you the truth, we...

Tellah, who had been contemplating, turns to the other three.

Tellah: Okay, now! All's ready! Let's go and get Golbez!

Palom and Porom turn to face him. Cecil remains facing the

Tellah: What are you doing, Cecil? We must go!
Cecil: [to Tellah] Yeah... [pause, looks back at wall] But that Light... it called me... "my son..."

Tellah leaves the room.

Palom: Wait a sec!

Palom follows Tellah out.

Porom: Let us go, Cecil!
Cecil: Okay.

Porom leaves the room; Cecil follows her out, stopping once to look back.

* - * - *

On their return to Mysidia, the group heads directly for the Elder's house. Cecil approaches the Elder.

Elder: Oh! You really became...

Porom and Palom walk up beside Cecil.

Porom: [to the Elder] Here you are!
Palom: Man! Unbelievable!
Cecil: What about?
Elder: I felt guilty, but I had them spy on you. But it turned out that there was no need for it.
Palom: [to Cecil] That is the reason why we accompanied you.
Porom: [also to Cecil!] I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
Cecil: I understand. You did the right thing. I deserve it.
Elder: But you've overcome your past and become a Paladin! [Notices Cecil's sword.] ... That... sword?!
Cecil: I received it on Mt. Ordeals.
Elder: The inscription upon this sword is exactly the same as the Mysidian legend!
Cecil: Legend?

One to be born from a dragon,
hoisting the light and the dark,
arises high up in the sky to the still land.
Veiling the moon with the light of eternity,
it brings another promise to mother earth
with a bounty and mercy.

Cecil: The Light called me "son." What is that Light?
Elder: I do not know what it is, nor do I know what the legend means... but we Mysidians, from generation to generation, are told to wish for this legend, and to believe in the one with the Sacred Light. Now I am sure that you are the one!

Tellah steps forward between Cecil and Porom.

Tellah: Now we must get rid of Golbez in a hurry!
Elder: Oh, Tellah!
Tellah: It's been a while!
Porom: We met him on Mt. Ordeals.
Palom: This old man knows the legendary Meteo!
Elder: What!? Is the world in such a dire crisis as to unseal Meteo?
Tellah: It seems so. I'll avenge Anna with my Meteo!
Elder: Avenge!? You mean...
Tellah: Golbez took my daughter's life! I will make him pay for it with Meteo!
Elder: Do not fight with vengeance, Tellah. Moreover, you are in no condition to use Meteo!
Tellah: Even if the price is my life, I can't forgive Golbez!
Elder: I thought you'd say so. You haven't changed.
Tellah: You too.
Elder: But Cecil has become a Paladin. If you join forces...
Cecil: We must go back to Baron and get an airship to fight Golbez on equal terms.
Edler: Very well... I will have the Serpent Road opened. Go to Baron! I will confine myself in the Tower of Wishes and wish for you all... Paladin Cecil!

Cecil and Tellah head toward the door. A moment later, Porom and Palom follow.

Elder: Palom! Porom! You have completed your duty!

The twins turn back to face him.

Palom: It's not over yet! You told us to help him!
Porom: Please allow us to go with him!
Elder: [contemplates for a moment] Mt. Ordeals accepted you and returned you alive... This may be your destiny. Cecil, Tellah... please look after these two children!

Cecil turns to face the Elder.

Cecil: But...
Palom: You know what we can do, don't you?
Porom: Right!
Tellah: Never worry, I'm with you!
Cecil: Okay... I'm counting on you all!
Palom: [to Elder] Thanks, old man!
Porom: Calm down! And let's go!

The Elder gets their attention.

Elder: Now go to Baron through the Serpent Road east of this town. We will be wishing not only for you but for all those living on this earth!

The Elder heads up the stairs to the Tower of Wishes. Cecil and company head out of the house for the Serpent Road.

* - * - *

Following a grueling trip through the Serpent Road, the group decides to rest at the inn. As they stop in the cafe adjacent to the inn, they find, to their surprise...

Cecil: Yang!

Yang looks at him in surprise.

Cecil: It's me, Cecil! I became a Paladin!
Yang: Get him!
Guards: Yes, sir!

The guards immediately attack the surprised group, but are defeated.

Cecil: Yang! It's me!
Yang: I know that!

Even more surprised, the party is next attacked by Yang. After a good deal of fighting, Yang falls. He remains unconscious for a few moments, then opens his eyes and gets up.

Yang: Cecil! [Short pause.] Leviathan attacked us and I don't remember what happened after that.
Tellah: It seems you were being utilized by Baron while you were amnesiac.
Yang: I am sorry.
Cecil: [after a pause] Where's Rydia and Edward?
Yang: Rydia was swallowed by Leviathan. I don't know what happened to Edward.
Cecil: I see.

Yang looks around, taking in his surroundings.

Yang: Where am I?
Cecil: We're in Baron. [Short pause.] Soldiers will hear us. Let's talk over there [indicating the inn area].

They walk over to the inn. Grateful for the defeat of the guards, the innkeeper lets them stay the night for free.

Yang: Who is this gentleman?
Cecil: Tellah the Sage. Edward's father.
Tellah: My daughter loved him... she even sacrificed her life for him.
Yang: I see. I am a Karate Master of Fabul.
Palom: I'm the Mysidian genius Palom!
Porom: [giving Palom a stern look] Please do not mind him. I am his twin sister Porom.
Palom: You hurt us, man!

Yang hangs his head in shame.

Porom: Stop it, Palom!
Yang: I'm ashamed.
Cecil: Anyway, we must rescue Cid.
Tellah: But it won't be easy to sneak into Castle Baron.

Silence for a moment. Then Yang notices something on his belt.

Yang: What is this?

Cecil takes it and looks at it.

Cecil: The Key of Baron! Yeah! With this key, we can make it!

* - * - *

They make their way through the underground passage to Castle Baron. Upon arriving, they head for the throne room, but are met in the front hallway by an "old friend" of Cecil's.


Baigan enters from the front doorway.

Baigan: Cecil! Welcome back to Baron!
Cecil: Baigan! You aren't controlled by Golbez!
Baigan: No way! I am Captain of the Guards. My loyalty to the state is unwavering!
Cecil: I see. Then come with us! You can be of great help!
Baigan: Yes, sir!

The six head for the throne room, but the twins suddenly stop. Cecil notices and turns toward them.

Cecil: What's wrong?
Palom: [hesitates slightly] It smells!
Porom: Like a monster!
Baigan: Where? [Looks around, searching for one.]
Palom: Something's fishy!
Porom: Can't you act any better? [NOTE: This line is very ambiguous in FF2 US, even worse than what I have. I think Porom has just realized that Baigan is not what he seems, and is criticizing his attempts to fool them.]
Cecil: [surprised] What?
Baigan: I was given a great gift from my Master Golbez. I'll show you!

After a fierce fight, Baigan is defeated.

Palom: See? Be careful, Cecil!

They continue to the throne room. There, the King is seated on his throne.

King: Cecil! I'm happy you returned.
Cecil: Your Majesty...
King: I see you've become a Paladin. I don't like that. That's not good, Cecil.
Cecil: ... King Baron?
King: Bron? Who's that? Oh... I remember! He's the fool who refused to surrender! Oh, yes! And I took his place! [Laughs.]
Cecil: You!
King: Wanna see the King? Don't worry! You'll see him soon enough. I'm not like Milon, see? I'm surprised he made it as one of the Four Fiends of Elements!
Cecil: Then you are...

The "King" transforms into a giant turtle-like creature.

King: Indeed! I am the Fiend of Water Kainazzo!

Kainazz then attacks. However, his affinity for water makes him an easy target for Tellah's powerful lightning spells, and he is quickly dispatched. Then the door to the throne room slams open behind them.

You imposter!

Cecil turns around to see Cid walk in.

Cid: You're gonna pay for putting me in that smelly joint! [Notices that Cecil is not the King.] ... What? [Looks around for the King, sees that he is not there.]
Cecil: Cid!
Cid: Oh! Cecil! Where is Rosa? She ran after you.
Cecil: Golbez took her...
Cid: Golbez... abused my airship and now Rosa!

Tellah approaches Cid.

Tellah: We must rescue her. Lead us to the airship!

Cid looks from Tellah to Cecil and back.

Cid: Who is this strange old man?
Tellah: What!? How about yourself?
Cid: I'm still young!

Porom then steps between the two.

Porom: Oh, please stop. Mr. Cid, this is Master Tellah, a great sage. [Indicates Yang.] This is Yang, the Karate Master of Fabul. And I'm Porom, a white wizard of Mysidia.
Palom: [annoyed at being left out] Hi, guys!
Porom: That is my twin brother Palom.
Palom: Yeah!

Yang gives Cid a bow.

Yang: I am glad to meet you, sir.
Cid: Well! He knows some manners!
Cecil: Where is the airship?
Cid: Well! [Turns toward the entrance to the room.] Where nobody would suspect!
Tellah: [urgently] We have no time!
Cid: Oh, be quiet and follow me!

They leave the throne room, Porom having to first grab Palom's attention. But as they are about to leave the antechamber, they hear an evil chuckle...

I didn't expect you to defeat me... but this doesn't mean anything to me... Why don't you accompany me to the Dark World!

Amid more chuckling...

Tellah: Walls!

... the walls begin to close in. Cid and Tellah frantically try the two doors.

Cid: It's locked!
Tellah: This one too!

As the walls continue closing in, Porom and Palom look at each other, agreeing by eye contact on a plan. They step to the sides of the group. Cecil notices their movement.

Cecil: Palom! Porom!

The twins turn to face him.

Palom: Thanks, dude!
Porom: We loved being with all of you!
Cecil: What...
Palom: You won't be stuck in a place like this!
Porom: Please look after Cecil, Master Tellah!

The twins then look again at each other.

Palom: Ready, Porom?
Porom: Yes!

Cecil suddenly realizes what they are about to do.

Cecil: Wait!... NO! DON'T!

Palom and Porom: STONE!

The twins turn themselves to stone just as the walls reach them. The walls cannot move the statues, though, and cease their inward motion.

Cecil: Palom! Porom!
Tellah: What a rash thing to do... HEAL!

The spell has no effect, however; the twins have become stone of their own will. Tellah looks downward, depressed.

Tellah: Fools! An old man should fulfill his share first!

Silence reigns for a moment.

Yang: Oh, children...

Another moment passes.

Tellah: I shall avenge!

Cid finally perks up.

Cid: I'll avenge you! To the Enterprise!

* - * - *

Meanwhile, in Golbez's tower...

Golbez: Seems like Kainazo has been defeated.

Kain steps forward from his position beside Rosa.

Kain: About the last crystal...
Golbez: I know... it is a problem.
Kain: How about if we let Cecil get it for you?
Golbez: [surprised] Cecil?
Kain: We have Rosa. We can exchange her for the last crystal.

Golbez contemplates this for a moment.

Golbez: That's an idea. We can do away with him then...
Kain: I'll be the messenger.

Kain heads toward the exit.

Rosa: Kain!

Kain turns back to her.

Kain: I'll show you that I'm better than your sweet Cecil!

Kain leaves.

* - * - *

Back in Castle Baron, Cid leads Cecil, Tellah, and Yang to what seems to be a solid wall. He flips a hidden switch, and a section of the wall swings inward, revealing a long stairway. At the bottom, Cid leads them onto the airship.

Yang: What a surprise!
Tellah: Amazing!
Cid: Let's go now, Enterprise!

Cid starts the engines, and the Enterprise rises from its underground berth. But no sooner are they airborne than they see another airship, one of the Red Wings, approach.

Cid: Here they come! Let's see the power of the Enterprise!

As the airship comes closer...

Cecil: Wait!
Yang: White flag...
Tellah: ... for surrender?

The airship pulls alongside theirs. Then a figure steps onto a bridge between the two ships.

Cecil: Kain!

Kain walks slowly toward Cecil.

Kain: Yuo are alive...

Cid leaves the helm and joins the others.

Cid: What do you think you're doing, Kain?

Kain does not respond. Then Cecil steps toward him.

Cecil: How is Rosa?
Kain: Worried? If you want her back, get me the Crystal of Earth.
Cecil: Crystal of Earth? Of Toroia?
Tellah: Dirty slime!
Kain: I'll exchange her for the crystal. Crystal or Rosa's life!
Yang: You...!

Kain starts back toward his ship.

Cecil: Wake up, Kain!

Kain turns back toward him.

Kain: That's all.

Kain returns to his airship, and it leaves.

Yang: Cecil...
Cid: That Kain...
Cecil: Cid... let's go to Toroia.

* - * - *

They travel to Toroia, and there, they learn from the clerics who govern the country that the Dark Elf, who lives in a cave on an island to the northwest, has taken the crystal. The Dark Elf has created a magnetic field in the cave to make metal weapons unusable because he is weak to them.

Also in the castle, in the nursing room, they find...

Cecil: Edward!

Edward slowly turns his head to face Cecil, clearly in pain.

Edward: Cecil... So you are alive. Let me join you.
Tellah: What can you do in such a wretched condition? Lie in bed quietly!
Edward: Master Tellah. Forgive me. You lost Anna because of me. [Tellah does not respond.] Really.

Edward's head sinks back into its pillow.

Yang: Prince Edward, think only of your health now.

Edward now looks at Yang.

Edward: Yang... So you too survived that Leviathan attack. Then Rydia?
Yang: Sorry.
Edward: Poor Rydia. And I can't do anything while you fight. It's a shame.

Once again, Edward closes his eyes, fighting the pain.

Cid: Don't worry! Me and my Enterprise will take your share! I've heard you had taken good care of Cecil and Rosa. Now it's my turn!

Now Edward looks at Cid.

Edward: You are that Master Engineer Cid? Then you have an airship!

Then he realizes that someone is missing, and turns to Cecil.

Edward: Cecil! Where is Rosa?
Cecil: She was kidnapped by Golbez. He says he'll exchange her for the Crystal of Earth. But the crystal is now in the hands of the Dark Elf.
Edward: [surprised] Dark Elf...

Edward pulls his harp out.

Edward: Cecil, take this...
Cecil: What's this?
Edward: Say... my substitute... It may help... Cecil... save Rosa!

The group takes the airship to the island - only to find that there is nowhere to land it. Returning to Toroia, they learn of a variety of chocobo, known as the "black chocobo" because of its dark color, that can still fly and land in forests. So they go to the chocobo forest north of Toroia and ride a black chocobo to the Dark Elf's cave.

They travel through the cave, finally arriving at the Dark Elf's crystal room.

Yang: Don't worry!
Tellah: We'll do it!

But the Dark Elf is impossibly strong, and with his arsenal of magic, Cecil and the party quickly fall.

Yang: Oh...
Cecil: We can't...
Tellah: My dear...

Yang, Tellah, and Cid collapse; Cecil barely manages to keep himself upright.

Cecil: If I could use my sword...

Then Cecil, too, collapses.

* - * - *

Back in Toroia, Edward's harp faithfully repeats the sounds its twin "hears".

Edward: They're in danger!

He lifts himself from the bed, takes a couple of faltering steps, and falls to the floor. The doctor and nurse attending him rush to his side and help him up.

Doctor: Stay in bed! You cannot move around! Where are you going?
Edward: Don't worry. I just want to get to... my... harp.... Ouch!
Doctor: I told you! Do not overstrain yourself!
Edward: Let me do this. I must save them!

The doctor and nurse reluctantly let him go. He slowly makes his way to his harp, picks it up, and starts playing on it.

* - * - *

Back in the Dark Elf's cave, the harp's twin plays exactly the same tune.

Yang: Oh!
Tellah: This melody is...
Cecil: Edward's harp!

The Dark Elf groans, and his magnetic field fails. Then the group hears Edward's voice over the tunr.

Edward: Wield your sword! The Dark Elf cannot control metal while I am playing.

Cecil and company slowly regain their feet and strength.

Cecil: It's... Edward!

They re-equip their metallic weapons and armor, and once more face the Dark Elf.

Dark Elf: GRRR... YOU... YOU...

The Dark Elf's spells have almost no power behind him, and Cecil's sword does much damage. He transforms into a serpent, but he remains weak to Cecil's sword, and quickly falls.


Then he stops speaking, and stops living as well.

Cecil: Thank you, Edward!

* - * - *

They return to Toroia, and the clerics gather around them excitedly.

Clerics: That is it! The Crystal of Earth! You got it back! Great!

Then a voice speaks...

Looks like you've got the crystal, Cecil...

The clerics look around for the source of the voice. Cid is the first to recognize its owner.

Cid: Kain!?
Kain: Go outside and get on your airship. I'll take you to where Rosa is.

The clerics let Cecil leave with the crystal, and also let him have their treasures.

Outside, they board the Enterprise, and as they rise from the ground, Kain's ship approaches. The two ships dock, and Kain steps onto the bridge between them.

Kain: Where's the crystal of Earth?

Cecil walks toward him.

Cecil: It's here! Where is Rosa?
Kain: Follow my airship!

The airships rise higher, until they reach a floating tower... and then the group is teleported inside.

Cecil: Kain!
Cid: Where are you?
Kain: Do not hurry. Master Golbez wants to thank you personally.
Tellah: Golbez!
Golbez: I am glad that you kept your promise.
Tellah: Show yourself!
Golbez: Be a bit more patient. I want you to receive the reward.
Yang: Reward?
Golbez: I'm at the top of this tower with Rosa. Bring the crystal, and I'll return the girl to you. You had better hurry up, or I can't guarantee her life! Now, come!

They traverse the tower. On the fifth floor, just as they approach the elevator to the next floor, three girls appear out of nowhere.

Welcome to the Tower of Zot!
Glad to see you!
We are the minions of Valvalis of the Air!
I'm Sandy!
I'm Cindy!
And I'm Mindy!
We're the Magus Sisters!
Sorry, but your quest will be over here.
Take our Delta Attack and farewell!

The Sisters' Delta Attack is powerful, but Cecil and company defeat them anyway.

No way!
Delta Attack failed!

The group continues to the sixth floor, where they find Golbez and Kain.

Golbez: I thank you.
Tellah: Golbez!
Cecil: Where is Rosa?
Golbez: The crystal first.
Cecil: You haven't hurt Rosa, have you?
Golbez: Of course not. Now, give me the crystal.

Cecil approaches Golbez, holding the crystal in his hand.

Cecil: This is it!

Cecil gives the crystal to Golbez.

Cecil: Give back Rosa!
Golbez: Rosa? What are you talking about?
Cecil: What!?
Cid: You cheated us!
Tellah: Foul traitor!
Golbez: I have no business with you, old man.
Tellah: But I do!

Tellah storms up to Golbez, pushing Cecil to the side.

Tellah: This is for Anna!

Tellah launches a barrage of spells at Golbez, but he takes little damage.

Golbez: No one can ever defeat me...

Tellah's spells continue to be ineffective. Then he goes to his last resort.

Tellah: M...Meteo...
Cecil: No! Don't!
Yang: It'll destroy you!
Tellah: I'm spending my life to defeat... YOU!

Tellah casts Meteo, and Golbez cannot even attempt to defend himself from the spell.

Golbez: No way...!

Tellah falls, his life energy spent.

Golbez: You used... Meteo... GRRR...
Cecil: Tellah!

Cecil, Cid, and Yang gather around the fallen Tellah. Golbez, however, manages to get to his feet, albeit a little unsteadily.

Golbez: But I still have the crystal. Now come, Kain!

When he does not hear Kain's usual response, Golbez looks over to him and sees that he has fallen to the floor, apparently unconscious.

Golbez: I guess that Meteo broke my control over him! So be it, you no longer serve my purpose. I will settle this score later, Cecil!

Golbez heads for the door behind him.

Cecil: Never!

Cecil approaches Golbez threateningly. Golbez turns around, surprised but not disturbed.

Golbez: HA!

With a flash of energy, Cecil is thrown back towards the wall, as Cid and Yang watch. Golbez approaches him with the intent to finish him off... but stops before he reaches him. 

Cecil: Why not... finish me off...
Golbez: You... who are you... [Cecil looks at him, confused.] I shall see you again!

Golbez leaves through the rear door. Cecil slowly gets up.

Yang: Cecil!
Cid: You okay?
Cecil: Y-yeah. Golbez must have been weakened by Meteo. But Tellah!

Cecil walks to Tellah's side as the old man pushes himself up, slowly, painfully.

Tellah: I... failed...
Cid: Don't speak!
Tellah: I brought this upon myself... because I lost myself in hatred. Avenge my daughter... for me... please!

Then Tellah collapses to the floor again, dead.

Cecil: Tellah!
Cid: Open your eyes, old nag!
Yang: Tellah...

A moment of silence.

Cid: Rest in peace... with your daughter...

Another moment of silence.

Cecil: Tellah... We will avenge Anna and you!

Then Cecil remembers Kain lying on the other side of the room. He goes over to Kain's side, followed by Cid and Yang.

Cecil: Kain! Kain!

Kain slowly gets up, and is surprised to see Cecil.

Kain: Cecil! What have I done...
Cecil: Not your fault... you were hypnotized.
Kain: But... I retained consciousness. I wanted Rosa to...

He hangs his head in shame. Then one of his words hits Cecil upside the head.

Cecil: Where is Rosa?

Startled, Kain looks at him again.

Kain: We don't have time! She's above!

Kain leads them up to the next floor. Rosa sees them dash in.

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil quickly takes stock of the situation, and runs up to Rosa, freeing her from the chair she is tied to just before a giant metal ball would have fallen on her.

Cecil: Rosa...
Rosa: I knew you would come...

They hug each other, each relieved that the other is safe.

Cecil: Your absence taught me... I...
Rosa: Cecil...
Cid: Oh, boy! Getting cozy!

Cecil and Rosa, startled at this reminder of their company, quickly dislodge themselves. Rosa looks at Kain, surprised to see him with the others.

Rosa: Kain?
Cecil: Golbez's control was broken.
Kain: I really was under control, but I also wanted to keep you close to me, Rosa.

Kain steps away from the others, still ashamed of his actions. Rosa walks after him.

Rosa: Kain... Let us fight together, Kain...

Slowly, Kain turns around to face her and the others.

Kain: I am sorry. Forgive me, Rosa! Cecil!

Cecil remains silent, trying to absorb all that has happened.

Cid: Come on! We really must hurry! It is too dangerous here!

Cecil thinks a moment longer, then walks over to Kain.

Cecil: Let's go, Kain!
Kain: Cecil...
Cecil: We need your powers as a Dragoon.
Kain: Cecil... Rosa...

Just as they move to leave, however, evil laughter fills the room.Seems like Master Golbez underestimated your powers!

Kain: It's Valvalis of the Air! One of Golbez's Four Fiends of Elements!
Valvalis: Kain, you betrayed us!
Kain: I did not betray but came to my senses!
Valvalis: I should have gotten rid of you! But now the old man with the
Meteo is gone.
Kain: Think you're the only one who can fight in the air?

Valvalis appears in front of them, and a battle ensues. Valvalis is difficult to hit when she keeps spinning, but Kain is able to stop her spinning by Jumping on her. Eventually, she is defeated.

Valvalis: You know, the last and mightiest of us four is still left! Perish with this tower!

Her laughter fades out with her. Then the tower starts shaking.

Cecil: It's collapsing!
Kain: Watch out!
Cid: Whoa!
Rosa: Hold on to me!

Rosa casts the Exit spell, taking the five safely out of the collapsing tower.

Cecil: Where are we?
Rosa: It's your room in Baron.
Cid: It's safe, since the fake King is gone.
Kain: Cecil... I have something to tell you.

Everyone looks toward him.

Cid: What's that?
Kain: It's about the crystals.
Cecil: The Crystal of Earth from Toroia was taken away. This means... Golbez has gathered all the crystals.
Kain: No. There are other crystals.
Rosa: I thought there were only four.
Cid: Then the rumor is true!
Kain: Right. The Dark Crystals!

At the others' confused looks, Cid explains:

Cid: The crystals of this world are those of Light and of open side, so to speak.
Yang: Then there are the hidden crystals!
Cecil: They are the Dark Crystals.
Kain: Right. Therefore, Golbez has only gathered half of all the crystals!
Cid: But the rumors do not say the whereabouts of the Dark Crystals.
Kain: Golbez knows.
Cecil: We must hurry then! Where are they, Kain?
Kain: Literally, the hidden side of the earth. The Underground.
Yang: Underground?
Cid: How? Dig a hole?
Kain: Anyway, he said that when all the crystals of Light and Darkness are gathered, the way to the moon opens.
Cecil: Way to the moon?
Kain: I guess so. And this is the clue to the secret, so he said. You should have it.

Kain hands a peculiarly-shaped key to Cecil.

Kain: Use this at a certain place to open the way to the Underground.
Yang: Certain place?
Rosa: Where?
Kain: I don't know.

Cecil contemplates the difficulty of their upcoming search.

Cid: What's to think about? We have the Enterprise to fly around the world in no time!
Cecil: But it was left in the Tower of Zot...
Cid: Didn't I tell you? It's the latest! It's back in Baron by remote control!
Yang: Good!
Rosa: Cid, we really count on you!
Cid: You think so? Let's leave tomorrow morning to search for the entrance to the Underground!

Cecil then turns from the others, thinking once again.

Cecil: But... why didn't Golbez just finish me off then?...
Rosa: Cecil?
Cecil: It's nothing. Let's take a rest.

* - * - *

The five set off to look for the entrance to the Underground. Eventually they reach a village called Agart residing next to a large mountain on an island. Inside the town is a "bottomless" well. On a hunch, Cecil throws the Magma Key into the well. It falls... and falls... and falls; no one hears it stop. Suddenly, there is an immense rumbling outside the town; when it stops, the mountain outside the town has turned into an immense pit! The group then takes the Enterprise down into the pit... into the Underground.

The Underground is a vast place, with magma rather than water forming the boundaries of the "continents". No sooner does the group begin exploring, though, than they see an all-too-familiar sight...

Cecil: What's that?
Kain: The Red Wings!

The airships approach them from one side. Then several tanks approach from the opposite side, and the two armies begin firing at each other.

Yang: We are late!
Cecil: But who's fighting?
Cid: We've got to get out of here! Hold on!

Cid pushes the throttle to its maximum, but the Enterprise is hit in the crossfire....

Cid: Hold out, Enterprise!
Cecil: We're going down!

... and the Enterprise crashes.

* - * - *

Rosa: Cecil!

Rosa, Cid, Yang, and Kain stand around Cecil, who is still unconscious. Finally Cecil opens his eyes and stands up.

Cecil: Rosa!

Cecil looks around at the others.

Cecil: Everyone okay?
Cid: Yeah. But the Enterprise isn't. It can't handle another flight.
Cecil: Let's get off.

So the five adventurers, stranded in a foreign land, set out to continue their quest.

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